Hey We’re Almost Here! (An Introduction)

Moses Coulee, central Washington

Three years ago, we (Herc and Smartz) moved from central Pennsylvania to the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, specifically, Seattle. Over the ensuing time, we’ve traveled all around Washington, through bits of Oregon, slide south through Idaho and gathered dust in Utah, loving it all quite dearly.

We’ve visited baron deserts, ancient forests, bounced down back roads and avoided the interstates like the plague. Through US Routes and two-lane blacktop, we’ve documented each curve, cliff and coulee. The beauty of this region is like no other. In less than an hour, you can move from the towering pines, past snowy peaks to a sagebrush-covered chaparral.

Removed bridge on Old Cascade Highway, western Washington

Along the way, we’ve taken photographs and written volumes to somehow convey the nature of this land. Of course, since this blog is new, we plan on continuing this documentation, following our future jaunts and fancies. But for now, since the time of this posting falls with the onset of winter, we shall be reliving our not-so-distant history, exploring again our explorations and chewing the chewed, hoping to find it somehow as (or more) palatable.

Come spring, we’ll, no doubt, be hitting the dusty trail once again, traversing the Cascades, crossing the Sound and, generally, taking lots of photos, which we’ll more than happily share with you.

But until the lupines, tulips and phloxes bloom, we hope to regale you with our former travels. Twice, or perhaps even three times a week, we hope to post something; giving you a sliver of things to come from a bit of our past.

Wenas Road, south of Yakima, Washington. Former Yellowstone Trail


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