49er Days in Winthrop – Cowboy Town and Glacier Rocks (Part One)

This is Part One of two parts of our Cascade Coulee trip!

We left a little before six in the morning for trip.  We try to pack most of what we’ll be taking in the car with us the night before so we can just get up, get dressed and get on the road as early as possible.

We drove east on Route 20 and came up the town of Concrete.  Most of the buildings in Concrete are made out of concrete!  Apparently Concrete was tired of their town burning down.

Before heading over the mountain pass on Route 20 there’s the tiny chapel.  There are actually a few of these tiny chapels in the area outside of Seattle.

This train engine was parked along Route 20.  You can even ring the bell!…which Eric did!

This is the odd little town of Diablo.  There’s an power dam nearby creating Diablo Lake.  Diablo is nestled in the mountains surrounded by gorgeous mountains and crystal clear water.  You could actually see the tree stumps in the water where trees once stood before the dam was built

There’s Diablo Lake.

I documented the snow as we drove through the mountain pass.  It just kept getting deeper and deeper!  Route 20 actually just reopened this past week.  Road crews spends weeks clearing snow from the road and fending off avalanches.

I love the swooping mountains!

Our first main stop of the day was in the Old West town of Winthrop, WA.  We were here last summer, but we were super lucky this time to be passing through on 49er Days!  We arrived early so we could see the parade.

There were cowgirls and cowboys dancing.

This is a very touristy town, but it was crowded today for the 49er festivities.

The stagecoach carrying the 49er Day royalty is fantastic!

This is the best wagon/carriage I have ever seen.  It’s an authentic Gypsy wagon.

The local septic service even made a float for the parade!

This town takes their 49er Days seriously.

There were a few old cars in the parade.  This one was from 1914.


A town dance was part of the festivities this weekend.

I am a former crazy horse lover so this parade made me a little giddy inside.  I wore a plaid shirt and my cowboy boots on purpose.

See the dogs riding on the horse and mule?

The parade in Winthrop has more horses in it than any other parade in Washington and they claim to have the longest pack mule strings anywhere.

We’ve seen these funny fellows in other parades in the Seattle area.

Before leaving Winthrop I NEEDED to take a photo of the bar stools.  How cool are those?  I promised Eric that one day I will make one of these…if not a whole set.

To see the rest of the photos we took, CLICK HERE to go to our Facebook page.

Tune in soon for the second part, where we explore some high desert scenes with huge rocks left by glaciers!


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