Old roads and coulees – The first day trip of the year


Our Great Northwest jackalope was up at 6am with us for the first day trip of the year!



The weather forecast said there was supposed to be sun in the morning! Only grey skies greeted us after the mountain pass.


Pit stops and breaks from driving are essential while travelling. Eric can drive and drive and drive. I need to stop and stretch my legs!  We stopped at Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park for driving break and to refill our water bottles.  


Basalt columns in Frenchman Coulee.


Our favorite little waterfall in Frenchman Coulee.


Don’t get to close to the edge while exploring the coulee!


We spent quite a bit of time in the coulee before we headed for Dry Falls. We made a few stops to take in the views while on the way to Dry Falls.


Lunch consisted of some Indian food and rice cooked over our little stove.


Dry Falls!


Old Route 2 in Moses Coulee. We visit this car every single time we’re near it. There’s something rather charming about it. It almost feels like we’ve visiting an old friend when we see it.


We brought two friends along with us for this trip. From left to right…Jeff, Jamie, Eric and Sarah.


I like to capture the minor details of the day. I think they’re rather important.


Central Washington looking west towards the Cascade mountains.


One of many old homesteads in this part of the state.


The clouds finally gave way to some sun for the drive home!…at least until we had to drive through the mountain pass. It was dark and there was blinding snow. Terrifying snow!


All in all we had a great first day getting back to exploring! Thanks for travelling with us!

Head on over to our Facebook page to see more photos from our first day out!


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