Support our Route 66 Polaroid Kickstarter Project!

Following our June wedding on the east coast, Sarah and I will be embarking on a honeymoon trip along Route 66. For three weeks, we’ll be photographing the Road and the oddities along it with vintage Polaroid cameras.


We’ve decided to make this a project on Kickstarter so that everyone can get involved. Check out the project here!

Unlike many Kickstarter photography projects, our end goal isn’t a book – it’s the photos themselves. We want to travel Route 66, take photos with vintage Polaroids and send them to people – friends, family, even strangers. Each photo will necessarily be a one of a kind, you will have the only copy in existence. We won’t even have one! . Each will be taken along Route 66 and will in some way capture the essence of the old road. And to be clear, regardless of whether the project is funded, we’ll be traveling Route 66 this summer. The support you give will allow us to purchase film, additional cameras and needed supplies for shipping the photos. Rest assured you will not be funding our vacation.

Though we’ve already reached our minimum funding goal, we’d still love for you to support us. With each reward, we mail you photos from our travels – the number depends on the amount of support.

I’m ridiculously excited to do this. It’ll be a lot of work, but very worth it. Who doesn’t like getting stuff in the mail? Sharing photos on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, etc is great and all, but being sent an actual one-of-a-kind photograph is becoming far too rare. Help us try to change that.


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