Polaroids from Our Last Daytrip


Since our Route 66 Polaroid Kickstarter Project is about to start in earnest, we though it would be fun to share some of the Polaroid photos that we took this past weekend on our daytrip to central Washington.


To me, Polaroids are a medium separate from either digital or film. While some of the convenience of digital is there, the clarity of film is not. They don’t resemble film photos in the least. They’re often darker, soft focused, and maintain an old look. These aren’t drawbacks – not at all. These are what makes Polaroid photos so beautiful to me.


That said, it’s not anything like a perfect (or even ideal) art. The cameras are moody, the film is often brooding (even in sunlight).


But there’s always something wonderful about it. Sometimes, you’ll set up a shot and not think too much of it until you peel the photo a few minutes later. This one took me aback.


Polaroids scan about as well as any other photo – which is to say not all that well. The real fun with Polaroids is that they’re tactile. There’s nothing digital about them. Scanning them in is great and allows you to share them with many people, but nothing compares to holding the photo in your hand.


Do you see what I mean by “brooding”? Most of the cameras have a “light / dark” slider setting. This one could have benefited by being a bit lighter, but honestly, the mood of this place was dark and a little icky, so in that way, the photo perfectly captures the feel of being there. Sad, huh?


Nothing says “thanks for looking at our photos” like an old rig stuffed with a plastic Santa.


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