Wrapping up the loose ends.

It’s almost time to leave!  We have three days this week to finish up everything we have to for the wedding and double check to make sure we’re as organized as we can be for the Kickstarter project.  We wanted to share some photos with you of what we’ve been working on for the project!

Hand screen printed envelopes.  Aren’t they just gorgeous?!  We’re screen printers and while printing on envelopes might seem like a chore for some, it’s always fun for us.

IMG_3670I love the print on the flap of the envelope.  I can’t wait until we can start shipping these out!  I’m even more excited for you to receive them.  Eric and I spent a few days hand addressing the envelopes.  It was a long process, but it also helped us to make sure we had everyone’s address.


We also had postcards made to put inside of the envelopes.  Eric was so kind (and awesome!) to design the card.  The cards give extra protection to the Polaroid photo we’ll be sending to our backers while it’s in the mail to other parts of the U.S. and other countries.


See?  We will fold the postcard in half and put the photo inside so it’s safe and sound for the journey.


Every backer will also be receiving one of our Hey I’m Over Here stickers.  It’s just a little something extra to say thank you for backing our project!

If you aren’t already following us on Facebook, hop on over there and do that now!  While on the road we’ll be posting photos to our Facebook page.  Stay up to date with us that way too.  We’ll try to post on here every day or so, but we will definitely post lots of digital pictures on Facebook for you.

Thanks for reading!



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