We Leave Tomorrow!


We’re just about ready to leave! Tomorrow around 9am, we’ll be hitting the road. It’s a later start for us, but we are actually working a half day before setting off.

Our trips is basically divided into four uneven parts.

The first will take us along US Route 2 from it’s western terminus (Everett, WA) to its eastern terminus (St. Ignace, Michigan), and then drop down through the mitten state, that flat one, and then into Pennsylvania.

We’re heading to Pennsylvania to get married – our wedding is on June 22nd. We’ll spend a few days there before racing west to Chicago so we can start Route 66. For you road geeks, we’ll probably take a bit of the Old National Road through Maryland, WV and Ohio before jumping up to the Lincoln Highway for our decent into Chicago.

Anyway, Route 66 will start on the 26th. Through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California we’ll ramble with not a day off until Flagstaff (which won’t really be a day off since we’re taking in the Grand Canyon). We hope to roll through LA on July 11. That’s just over two weeks or something. We could certainly spend longer on it, and would love to, but it’s just not possible at this point.

As we turn north from LA, we’ll start the last leg of our journey. Mostly that will be a quick jaunt home (up the coast, of course).

We’ll definitely try to update the blog as much as possible. Since we’re camping almost 100% of the time, WIFI will be dodgy at best. Many of the places we’re staying are state parks, so updating on a daily basis is probably out of the question. However, we will be posted (digital… well, Android) photos to our Facebook page quite a lot (we hope). Please feel free to follow along!

With the exception of our east-bound stint through Ohio and bits along Route 66 (especially Arizona), this trip will be interstate-free! We both hate them and would much rather it take us twice as long to get where we’re going if how we’re getting there is interesting.

Though I’m of course looking forward to Route 66, I’m also pretty thrilled about Route 2. I did about half of it on a Vespa in 2008 (after doing all of Route 66) and I’m anxious to see it again. For Sarah, she’s never been to North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan.

Okay! Let’s hit the road!


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