Enough Already, Minnesota! WI and MI, too!

Well, we weren’t all that impressed with Minnesota, but I’ll get to that in a minute.


We started at sunrise, and coming out of Devil’s Lake, North Dakota, it was beautiful, and a storm was storming on the horizon. Just wonderful!




Our jaunt from North Dakota into Minnesota was, at first, really fun. We decided to see some oddities here and there today. Thus, Paul Bunyan and his gray ox, Babe.


And this big ol’ fish in Erskine.


We’ve got a thing for tiny chapels, and this might just have been the smallest.


Bemidji is the first town on the Mississippi River. It’s also the supposed home to Mr. Bunyan.


And this wonderfully evil fellow.


Following Bemidji, Route 2 got pretty boring. It was mostly scrubby looking woods (not forests). However, it was sometimes punctuated with things like this.


The Mississippi takes a weird bend, so we ended up crossing it twice!


The town of Cloquet is home to the Frank Lloyd Wright service station. We filled up here because why wouldn’t you?


It’s also home to this Baldwin 2-8-0, which was taking over by Smartz soon after we ate lunch.


Me? I became a viking and took over this dala horse. Take that!


Towards the end of the day, we raced through a sliver of Wisconsin and was chased by a huge storm coming in off Lake Superior, which we saw, by the way. We did, however, have time for a quick pic of this lovely bit of fun.


See? Racing toward the blue skies!


Thankfully, we wound up in Ironriver, Michigan before it hit or veered off or something. Whatever happened, we mostly missed it. Huzzah!


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