We Tried To Like You, Michigan, but Here’s Ohio

I’m going to be honest here. We did not like Michigan.


The Upper Peninsula was pretty rough. But our day started with a rainbow, and it’s hard to complain about that.


And sure, there were oddities, like this huge concrete bear.


And Paul Bunyan.


I got to see a train – and a Canadian one!


Lake Michigan was really pretty when we could see it. But usually, it was just scrubby pine woods. They weren’t old growth or anything like that. In fact, they looked mostly like former tree farms. It was ugly and boring.


Our last stop on the UP was Castle Rock, which was a fun little tourist trap.


With another Paul Bunyan.


And a long climb to the top. If the weather hadn’t have been cloudy and rainy, I bet it would have been really pretty.


We crossed the Mackinac Bridge – the world’s third longest of that type. Here’s an interesting Mackinac Bridge fact. In 1987, a woman driving a Yugo was killed when she stopped over the open grating portion and a gust lifted up her car and launched it over the side of the bridge. Scary.


Through the mitten portion of Michigan, we were mostly on the interstate. You cannot really enjoy a drive when it’s on the interstate. So it’s no surprise that we exited the super slab and and again to visit places like the 45th Parallel.


Also, to have lunch with Jesus at Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church. In their cemetery, sculptor Timothy Schmalz, who has done some really amazing work, like this Canadian National Mining Monument.


A couple of hundred of miles of interstate later, and we were on the Ohio Turnpike.


And a few yawns later, we reached our campsite. It wasn’t an amazing day, but we certainly had some fun.

If you’d like to see a few more photos of our day, head over to our Facebook page.


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