Over and Under the Turnpike


After a wet night in Ohio, Pennsylvania welcomed us back with cloudy arms. It even rained some, just for us. For most of the trip through, we were on US Route 30 – the Old Lincoln Highway, though we started on the Turnpike.


One of our first stops was the Flight 93 memorial.


Which we both thought was really nicely done. I (Eric) had been to it before they built anything like what’s there now was built. All that existed was a shed and a chain-link fence. Needless to say, this is much better. Though, I wish they would have preserved the original somehow.


Route 30 is certainly not at kitchy as Route 66, but it’s got some history and some lovely spots, like Lookout Point, where once stood the Grand View Ship Hotel.


And this is not to say that Route 30 is somber.


Certainly not.


The gem of this day was most definitely the abandoned section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.


Thirteen miles near Breezewood were rerouted, leaving two tunnels to decay on their own.


I’m really happy that we got to see this. I visited the place in 2007ish, but Sarah never got the chance.


The weather was muggy and hot, so the innards of the tunnel were a welcomed reprieve. Of course, we didn’t continue all the way through – just a couple of hundred yards (if that).


The farther we went, the less graffiti we saw.


But we couldn’t resist this vicious squirrel. Oh no.


And soon we were again on our way to our destination – Gettysburg.


Well, technically we stayed 14 miles away at Caledonia State Park, but we wanted to catch the sunset from Little Route Top.


Unfortunately, the clouds weren’t cooperating and this is all we got. Hopefully next time…

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