A Day in Moundsville, West Virginia (well, mostly the prison)


So today (June 24) is sort of a day off. We left the wedding on Saturday evening, and spent the night in Gettysburg.


The next day, we visited South Mountain and Antietam Battlefields, as well as Fort Frederick and a long stretch of the National Road.


Finally, we arrived in Moundsville, WV, where we stayed with a goodly friends Rati and Dwija. After a late night of chitchat, we woke up the next morning (that is, this morning) and decided to take in the Indian burial mound from which Moundsville derives its name.


Though we thought it was closed, we visited the old Moundsville Penitentiary across the street. Their websites and signage confusingly explained that they were open seven days a week, yet were closed Mondays.


With that bit of haze cleared away, we embarked on a one and a half hour tour that was mostly historical, though they threw in some silliness about ghosts. It was annoying, but I realize that it wasn’t for the so-called paranormal interest in the prison, they wouldn’t be able to keep its doors open.


We took a lot of photos inside, and there’s really no way to do this aside from sending you here to see them.


Due to time constraints, it’s likely that for much of this trip, we’ll have to let our photos do the talking. We’ll still update the blog, of course, but most of the story will have to be told by the pictures.


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