Making it to Chicago – The Start of Route 66


Today was a long day – despite the fact that I had the Perfect Strangers theme song running through my head for a good 50% of it.


We started in Wheeling, bidding our friends yet another sad farewell. This time it was Rati and Dwija, who always end up being the last stop for any given trip west. It’s a tradition that will exist until we convince them to move to Seattle.


Anyway, I don’t have a whole lot to say tonight. I’m sleepy and a little cranky. Chicago will do that to you. The drive was pretty lovely though. After taking interstates, etc to Lima, Ohio, we hopped on the Old Lincoln Highway and had a blast.


Not very many photos were taken, but the Lincoln Highway is just a pleasant drive. It’s not really very kitschy or strange in the way that Route 66 is.



Our short stay in Chicago was highlighted by paying $23 for two hours of parking, a stop by The Bean, and a photo session with the Start of Route 66 sign.


In fact, we took our first eight or so Polaroids tonight. Pretty fancy, no?


It was unexpected that we’d get to Joliet. We were supposed to stop in Indiana, but they’re calling for some pretty nasty weather, a derecho, actually, and that’s not something I care to mess with in a tent.


So yeah, we’re staying in a motel. We don’t want to do this too often, but tonight it should be understandable.


To see the rest of the photos, head here.


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