Midway on the Mother Road!

Well folks, we’re just over halfway finished with our trek down Route 66. That also means that we’re over halfway through with our Polaroid Project. Both are refreshing bummers.


Right now, I’m writing this from the cozy bed in the Lillian Redman Suite at the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Our day yesterday was easily the best day of the trip so far. Each day has been getting better and better. We are absolutely loving this.

Like I mentioned before, the time to give full road reports just isn’t there. Though we’re doing only 200 to 250 miles each day, the Polaroid Project keeps us stepping.


Just be assured that we’re having a great time, even though our tiny car is over-packed with photographic supplies (ten cameras and a case of Polaroid film), clothes, supplies, and various trinkets we’ve acquired along the way. Room to move? Only westward, of course!

And though we are taking hundreds of Polaroids, we’re also taking thousands of digital photos. They can be viewed on our Facebook gallery – here. We’re also doing updates throughout the day – taking photos of the Polaroids and posting them to our facebook wall.



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