So Long, Mother Road

Tonight we’re in Victorville, California. It’s only a short (yet mind-numblingly long) drive to the Santa Monica Pier and the end of Route 66. We’re both pretty sad about that.


The project we undertook was a tough one. We took well over 600 Polaroid photos and mailed out hundreds of screen printed envelopes stuffed with said photos. Each day it was a challenge to not only take the photos, but label them, sort them, bag them, stuff them in an envelope, and then find a Post Office that was actually open to mail them. Each was (we trust) hand canceled by the Post Office we walked into across the entire length of the Route, including such fun places as Adrian, TX, Continental Divide, NM and Oatman, AZ.


After we hit LA, we’ll turn north and drive along the coast to Seattle. We’ll still post photos to our Facebook page (when we can), of course, but after tonight, we’ll be staying in State Parks, so our internet access will be limited at best.


When we get home, however, we’ll post all we can about the trip. And it won’t be too long before we’ll be back to our regular antics of exploring Washington. Stay tuned!


2 responses to “So Long, Mother Road

  1. I think what you should do is tape together a whole bunch of sheets of paper to make one long, continuous, scroll, then get good and wired and type out everything all in one sitting.

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